· Up Close & Personal ·

While shows on television or the big screen are entertaining, live magic confronts us because it occurs in the here and now. Kainoa’s magic breathes new life into the tired phrase "right before your very eyes."

His performances represent his wish to share uncanny experiences—events that bring to life our desires. By making money appear from nowhere, reading people’s minds, and proving that everyone can perform the impossible, Kainoa endeavors to make magical experiences meaningful to everyone.

· Strolling & Mingling ·

Kainoa focuses on the truly important people: your audience. By avoiding potentially rabid bunnies, suit-endangering doves, or claw-wielding tigers, Kainoa has your spectators do the magic. This makes every performance both unique and entertaining. 

When you hire Kainoa, please share your specific entertainment needs. Whether wandering among your guests at a cocktail party, performing table side with dessert, serving as emcee, or performing the featured act, Kainoa will tailor his magic perfectly to your event.