Pocket Management System

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Pocket Management System


"You can only get good at what you do every day, and you can only do every day what you can carry with you. The PMS more than doubles the amount of magic you can have on your person and therefore doubles the amount of material you can master on a daily basis." --Garrett Thomas, avid PMS user

For many years I have been looking for someone to make the utility piece of my dreams: I wanted a container that would organize my props in my pockets but would also close and allow me to then store the same set-up for future shows without threat of spillage.

The amazing Craig Ousterling helped me create the exact combination of organization and storage unit I've been looking for....the PMS or Pocket Management System.

This piece is perfect for coins, but since it measures 4.5 in. wide by 3.25 in. tall, it is a great way to organize all your favorite pocket tricks. It has four built-in pockets and is also wide enough to act as a divider for the pocket in use! Craig carries his Morgan dollar set, a copper/silver set, and his Mogar knives. I carry thimbles, dice, coins, knives, and even a packet trick on occasion.

The PMS is available in two different colored trims (limited numbers of each). I use these colors to distinguish my various performance sets (close-up, stand-up, CSB, etc.). When closed, I can easily see which set is which. I remove the PMS from my case, open it up, put it in my pocket (shorts, jeans, pants, or jacket), and I'm ready to go. No glue, pins, or sewing necessary.

Though I really don't like the phrase, this is definitely a piece for "real workers" looking to manage and maximize their carrying and organizational capacity, especially for folks who don't like "coin purses." Now the audience doesn't even have to see how you organize your props: reach in your pocket, take out the trick you want to do, and then put it back.

At Magi-Fest a number of magicians came up to me and shook my hand, thanking me for the usefulness of this device. That's what it's for: making your life easier.

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