Excellent magic takes moments to perform, but years to perfect. In Misbehavin, the "Big Kahuna of Coins" shares his anytime, anywhere masterpiece. This multi-phase routine is a dazzling display of artistry and impossibility where coins seem to appear and vanish right under the spectator's nose. Put down the cards, pick up the coins, and join the revolution of coinistry that is Misbehavin.

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Kainoa teaches multiple handlings that will amaze you with their mixture of simplicity and complexity, providing different sequences you can customize to suit your level of awesomeness.

"Misbehavin' is magical, visual, very well thought out, and not for the squeamish. The routine will take some work, but will be well worth it."
--David Roth

"In a world where coins already go across visually, only one routine dares to take the next step. In Misbehavin coins vanish and appear in plain view, without cover, while the audience looks right at them. Understandably, eyes pop. Stop Misbehavin'--or you'll put someone's eye out."
--Curtis Kam

"When it comes to modern coin magic, Kainoa Harbottle may be the freshest, sharpest, and most charismatic personality to come down the side of the mountain since...ever. I'm quite pleased that he's chosen to share his talent with the magic community, and his routine, Misbehaving, is a perfect example of his kind of thing: fluid and graceful magic that delightfully keeps you looking -- and thinking -- in the wrong place every step of the way. He's devilish, this one, and certain to charm you as he completely takes you in. Watch out!"
--Lance Pierce

"What Kainoa does with coins is unspeakable. I always heard you can pass out from watching amazing coin magic.  I just don't remember what happened... my head still hurts."
--Tony Chang

"After watching this video, you got me Misbehavin!"
--Garrett Thomas